New Harvest

Northern Californians, take olive oil as seriously as they do their wine. We believe that authentic extra virgin olive oil, is one of the most important products you can have in your home. We use it to moisturize our skin, revitalize our hair, and of course, in the kitchen — from finishing dishes to sautéing to even pure tasting!  We love having it as we go out and enjoy our wine tasting and have sourdough bread and our EVOO to dip it into, along with fresh local cheese we drizzle it onto.

Just like wine, high-quality extra virgin olive oils take a careful process to create. Every fall, olives are harvested across the Northern California, then carefully pressed and transformed into the culinary gold of oil. But unlike wine, olive oil is food-best enjoyed as fresh as possible — and we just received the oils from our latest harvest, from our Family owned Estate and our partner Family owned Estates in Sonoma County!

Right now, those olives harvested in 2016 are ready to enjoy!  Our olives are still handpicked like the traditional olive farmers in Italy and Greece have done for centuries.

As a result, we have some amazing oils from our 2016 harvest and now for a limited time, we currently have our Olio Nuovo from our 2017 harvest.